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  • Australian HR Award winners revealed! by

    The cream of Australia's HR industry gathered at the Australian HR Awards in Sydney on Friday night. HC was there and is proud to announce the winners of an exciting, hotly contested battle of excellence involving the nation's leading HR professionals.

  • Best practice tips for offering “go away” money by Janie Smith

    There are situations in which employers have to weigh the cost of going to court against the cost of a settlement. HC looks at what to consider when offering a payment.

  • Motivating employees by animal instinct by Caitlin Nobes

    There are two kinds of people in the world…cats and dogs?

  • What workers want from wellness programs by Janie Smith

    Employers are getting on board with workplace wellness programs, but what they are offering isn’t necessarily what employees want, according to a new survey.

  • Women workers face “motherhood penalty” by Janie Smith

    Taking time off work to have and raise children has a significant impact on women’s lifetime wages, according to research from Diversity Council Australia.

  • Lighter side: IBM’s corporate songbook revealed by Janie Smith

    Employees at IBM once had to sing for their supper – literally. The company published a book of songs praising the company and its founder in the 1920s, a concept which would baffle modern workers.

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