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  • Firing at gunpoint lands employer in jail by Janie Smith

    A US employer has demonstrated the worst way possible in which to fire an employee and landed himself in prison for his efforts.

  • Need an executive assistant? Here’s what to look for by Janie Smith

    For HR professionals, a great EA can be worth their weight in gold. HRM looks at the skills that make the best executive assistants so valuable.

  • Career progression tops employee wish list by Janie Smith

    More than half of professionals are not happy with their available career progression options and 92% of them would leave their jobs because of a lack of opportunities, according to research.

  • Blog: Reinventing culture by Angela Atkins

    Angela Atkins of Elephant HR reveals some of the game-changing strategies that companies are using to create a workplace culture that delivers for everyone.

  • Keep calm and carry on: HR in a crisis by Janie Smith

    During his three decades in HR, Chris Till has worked through war and natural disasters. He shares his tips for doing the job under pressure.

  • Five tips for successful change management by Janie Smith

    Implementing a change in the workplace can be a difficult process. Jodee Handley, change management specialist at OBS, shares her top tips.

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