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  • Female executive sued for sexual harassment by Janie Smith

    A high-level female executive at Yahoo is being sued for sexual harassment by a female colleague. How should HR react when serious accusations are made against people in their organisation?

  • Five signs that your workplace is turning toxic by Janie Smith

    A toxic workplace culture can develop under the radar through insidious office behaviour. HC looks at how to spot the signs that mean it’s time for HR to take action.

  • Working with schools to fill tomorrow’s skill gaps by Caitlin Nobes

    Connect with the next generation of would-be employees while they are still in education to help fulfill your company’s future needs.

  • Opinion: Designing conflict into your organisation by Human Capital

    Don’t seek to deal with workplace bullying by getting rid of conflict, instead develop the capability of your organisation to have healthy conflict, writes Danielle Carney, principal consultant of PEEL HR Consulting & Mediation.

  • How to coach managers who don’t think they need help by Janie Smith

    HR managers sometimes need to try to “coach” people who do not want to be coached. HC talks to Brett Reid, general manager HR for the workwear division of Pacific Brands, about how to win over difficult line managers.

  • Court backs company over adverse action claim by Janie Smith

    The Federal Court has ruled in favour of a company which faced an adverse action claim after giving gift vouchers to non-striking employees.

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