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  • Lighter Side: You get paid how much?! by Nicola Middlemiss

    Have you ever thought you deserve a pay rise? You will when you see the earnings offered in these unusual roles...

  • Lighter Side: Barmy bosses who can’t get it right by Nicola Middlemiss

    Being the boss can be stressful, and no one makes the right decision every time - but these bosses' mistakes might make you feel better about forgetting the new recruit's name last week.

  • Lighter Side: Six strange student jobs by Nicola Middlemiss

    Forget stacking shelves or waiting tables – these employers have been offering students an alternative to the ordinary part-time jobs taken to support their studies.

  • Our Apple TV Winner by HCA

    Congratulations to the winner of our HR Leadership Survey who has won an Apple TV. Well done to National People Operations Manager at Altus Traffic Australia, Grant Whyte.

  • Is IBM set for biggest ever workforce cull? by Chloe Taylor

    Speculation has been circulating that IBM is due to lay off more than a quarter of its global workforce, which would be the biggest lay off in the company’s century spanning history.

  • Encouraging the elusive work-life balance – are we all talk? by Nicola Middlemiss

    Employers only offer lip-service says industry expert – companies need to actively encourage a better work-life balance.

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