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  • Can HR ever truly prepare staff for emergencies? by John Maguire

    Last week a recruitment worker was stabbed in front of her colleagues and clients in her Sydney CBD office – HC speaks to an employment lawyer about what HR can do to prepare employees for such violent incidents.

  • HR reflections on Tony Abbott’s move to the backbench by John Maguire

    Today Tony Abbott is spending his second day on the backbenches after two years in the top spot. How can HR help employees who transition to less senior roles?

  • Why are relocation programs failing? by John Maguire

    It’s an increasingly important retention tool but research shows many businesses are still struggling to meet employees’ expectations.

  • Downsizing with dignity: questions HR must address by Miklos Bolza

    After one company made the ultimate termination faux-pas, HC chats to an expert about how HR can avoid angering employees when making the tough call to cut jobs.

  • Responding to mental illness – a best practice guide by John Maguire

    With several prominent Australians recently opening up about their struggles with mental health, the stigma is slowly abating. What should you do if an employee discloses their mental illness to you?

  • 7-Eleven terminating franchises by John Maguire

    7-Eleven has begun to terminate franchises involved in payroll breaches – despite previously saying that legislation would prevent this from happening.

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