Workplace Health & Safety

  • High Court makes landmark WHS ruling on injury to contractors’ workers

    The chain of responsibility has long been a central tenet of workplace health and safety law, and a landmark High Court ruling has now further clarified the circumstances under which employers can ‘contract-out’ their duty.

  • Mental health: A new frontier in employee safety

    If an employee works his or herself into a state of depression and anxiety, because they are dedicated and enthusiastic, or because of time pressures and workload, there may be no defence for an employer facing legal action. Robin Young outlines the duty of care for employers.

  • WHS checklist: Make sure you are complying with the new codes of practice

    Even though businesses and individuals who do not comply with the 1 Jan 2012 harmonisations of the new WHS laws face harsh penalties, many businesses are ill-prepared and have not properly addressed the legislative changes.

  • Serve alcohol responsibly or risk liability

    Mixing alcohol and employees often results in a headache for HR and employers – serving alcohol at work functions can be akin to running a gauntlet because irresponsible service of alcohol can result in a minefield of potential litigation.

  • Flexibility opens up untapped talent pool

    What can HR do when the calibre of talent walking through the door continues to rate below par? Think laterally – don’t get them to walk through the door at all.

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