Workplace Health & Safety

  • Hot-desking lands ATO in compensation case

    The Australian Taxation Office has been involved in a long legal battle after an employee sustained injuries from changes made to her work station by casual employees.

  • $90,000 fine for fast-food chain after worker falls into hot frying oil

    A nationwide fast-food chain has been slapped with a heavy fine after appearing in court last week and being found to have failed in managing staff health and safety.

  • Mixing work with pleasure: the fine line

    Athena Koelmeyer outlines two recent cases that have underscored the grey area of whether an employer should attempt to intervene and give directions to employees about what they can and cannot do in their “private time”, whilst engaged in work-related travel.

  • Death after Christmas party not company’s fault

    Liquor company Dan Murphy’s has been found not liable after an employee was fatally injured at a work Christmas party.

  • How to spot a phony comp claim

    Have you ever suspected an employee of making a less than legitimate workers’ compensation claim? Here are some tips for spotting the fakers.

  • Does medical clearance mean fit for work?

    An employee who has been seriously injured and away from work for a long period may not be fit to resume a physical role, even if their doctor has given them the all-clear. When can you question a worker’s medical clearance?

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