Industrial Relations

  • Silicon Valley firms sued over “no-poaching” pact

    The world’s biggest tech companies including Google and Apple are being called to account by former employees over alleged “no poaching” deals – an indication of the extreme measures top-tier firms take to retain their key talent.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Legal - The politics of adverse action

    Peter Doughman outlines why recent developments in the Barclay case are a cause for concern for employers.

  • Contractor tax obligations

    As Sue Williamson explains, the cost of getting the classification of contractors wrong is high and anyone with contractors on their books needs to make sure that they have been correctly classified for tax, superannuation and fair work purposes.

  • Dodgy dealings: Getting caught for sham contracting

    Article removed: In an effort to reduce tax evasion, which currently costs $2.4bn annually, The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) has announced a crackdown on businesses engaging in sham contracting arrangements.

  • Fair Work Act reviews: have your voice heard

    Employer groups are urging organisations to make submissions and complete online surveys about modern awards and wages as part of the upcoming series of reviews conducted by Fair Work Australia which are touted to involve significant changes to the Fair Work Act.

  • Disclosure of civil law breaches in question

    The latest public gaffe by Queensland’s troubled Department of Health has raised questions over whether civil law breaches should be more closely scrutinised in the pre-employment screening stage.

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