Industrial Relations

  • Company faces court after ignoring FWC order

    In a landmark case, a Melbourne gym is facing legal action in the Federal Circuit Court after ignoring a Fair Work Commission order to pay compensation to an unfairly dismissed employee.

  • Abbott delays workplace law overhaul

    It looks as though the federal government’s planned reform of workplace laws will be put on hold in favour of spending on the new budget.

  • The evolution of non-union employee representation in Australia

    Professor Paul Gollan outlines how new research by Macquarie University has revealed what two prominent and very different companies have done to support non-union employee representation.

  • Tread carefully when checking civil litigation history

    Checking publicly available civil litigation information may ensure organisations safeguard themselves against hiring people found negligent or liable by a civil court, but involves a whole host of limitations and risks.

  • Industrial disputes on the rise: ABS

    Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics regarding industrial disputes has shown that for 2011/12 there was a significant increase in disputes and days lost in the labour market – sparking debate on both sides of the political fence.

  • Fair Work Act Review: Much to do about nothing

    Gerard Phillips writes that the review of the Fair Work Act has been a failed opportunity to address serious structural issues in Australia's IR system.

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