Employee Relations

  • Think like a lawyer

    How can HR professionals minimise the risk of litigation when it comes to complex business changes such as M&As, restructures and downsizing? Rebecca Mason presents six key tips.

  • Government announces overhaul of anti-discrimination laws

    The Federal Government has announced an overhaul of anti-discrimination laws, including shifting the burden of proof to the defendant once a prima facie case has been established.

  • Confidential information policies not up to scratch

    Employers have been so concerned about limiting access to social media during work hours that they may have dropped the ball when it comes to something far more serious happening under their noses: the leakage of confidential information in the digital age.

  • Frontline Intelligence: Legal - Protecting your business interests

    Nichola Constant and Erin Lynch outline the role of restraints of trade, including non-compete clauses, and what recent findings from the Federal Court mean for business.

  • Who owns what in the social media age?

    Who is responsible for protecting company information in the social media age? Does HR have a role to play in preventing ‘data leakage’?

  • Dismissal for health reasons ruled unlawful

    Dismissing an employee for health reasons could lead to legal trouble – so it’s a good idea to exercise compassion and good sense when dealing with an ill or injured employee.

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