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  • Issues arising from award modernisation by HCA

    With the AIRC’s Award Modernisation process well under way, further issues of concern are beginning to crystallise for employers. Those issues include the narrow time frame for employers to prepare, uncertainty surrounding transitional rates of pay and the significant creep in award coverage

  • Swine flu may catch employers on the trot by HCA

    A swine flu pandemic could have serious OHS and business continuity implications for businesses, and those that are unprepared will be hardest hit, Zoe Lyon writes

  • Can an employer justify a dismissal after it occurs? by HCA

    The recent case of Johns v Brisbane City Council demonstrates the ability of employers to rely on evidence discovered after termination to justify a dismissal and provide further support for the dismissal.

  • Commission denies unfair dismissal claim of ill employee by HCA

    A recent case, Cortes v WorkCover Authority of New South Wales [2008] NSWIRC 20, illustrates that an ill or injured employee, unfit for work, must communicate with their employer beyond merely providing medical certificates. Failing to communicate sufficiently may permit the employer to consider the employment abandoned

  • The importance of supervising safety by HCA

    It is widely recognised that employers have an absolute duty to ensure the health, welfare and safety of all persons at their workplaces. This includes a duty to monitor and supervise workplace participants to ensure they perform and carry out their work in a safe manner. Employers must ensure the persons conducting the supervision have adequate skills, qualifications and experience to ensure workplace participants perform their work in a safe manner

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