HR essentials

  • Cultivate your own stars instead of pinching others by Stephanie Zillman

    ‘Star’ recruits play an integral role in the talent pipeline – but as the war for talent rages on aided in no small part by the advent of LinkedIn, isn’t it time to cultivate stars from the ground up?

  • Hire ‘em, fire ’em: Why your hiring policy needs to be ruthless by Caitlin Nobes

    Could a super-tough approach to candidates and the hiring process save months of work on performance reviews and eventual terminations further down the litigation-strewn track?

  • Are you a manager or a leader? by Cameron Edmond

    Is great management the same as great leadership, or are they separate disciplines? One expert breaks down the factors that separate the two.

  • Thinking of making the hot-desk switch? by HCA

    As many of Australia’s largest organisations switch to the practice of hot-desking, workplace experts have warned employers to carefully review all impacts before making such a change.

  • The fine line of bullying: What HR needs to know by HCA

    Extreme cases of bullying are headline material, and while overt and systematic bullying may make the 6pm news, the real problem is that the majority of bullying happens on a much more subtle level, according to a leading workplace psychologist.

  • Should ‘fit notes’ replace ‘sick notes’? by Stephanie Zillman

    In order to tackle high absenteeism rates, the UK and parts of Europe have been proactive in instituting the ‘fit note’ to address what a worker could do, instead of focusing on what they can’t do.

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