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  • Rescinding a resignation: where do you stand? by

    An employee has resigned and you start the replacement process – but what should HR do if the employee then withdraws their resignation?

  • Time to get serious about presenteeism, it’s costing you $34bn by HCA,Stephanie Zillman

    Applauding an employee for never taking a sick day should not be cause for a pat on the back – that worker’s physical presence is the workplace may have come at hefty price.

  • Cultivate your own stars instead of pinching others by Stephanie Zillman

    ‘Star’ recruits play an integral role in the talent pipeline – but as the war for talent rages on aided in no small part by the advent of LinkedIn, isn’t it time to cultivate stars from the ground up?

  • Hire ‘em, fire ’em: Why your hiring policy needs to be ruthless by Caitlin Nobes

    Could a super-tough approach to candidates and the hiring process save months of work on performance reviews and eventual terminations further down the litigation-strewn track?

  • Should orgs offer chaplaincy services? by Stephanie Zillman

    In early 2007, the Howard government introduced the National School Chaplaincy program – federal funding for chaplains to work in schools, with the proviso they were not to evangelise or proselytise, but to provide support and guidance to students and staff alike. Now, offering the services of a chaplain to employees is on the rise.

  • Are you a manager or a leader? by Cameron Edmond

    Is great management the same as great leadership, or are they separate disciplines? One expert breaks down the factors that separate the two.

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