HR essentials

  • Employing new staff? Get it right from the start by Stephanie Zillman

    The workplace ombudsman has issued a rare list of tips for employers hiring new staff.

  • Mishandling sexual harassment: high-risk area for HR by Stephanie Zillman

    Sexual harassment complaints like the current Oracle case are a minefield for HR, and getting it wrong can have incendiary consequences. Here’s how to get it right.

  • First aid: Make sure your boxes are ticked by

    Given that every workplace situation is different, it is up to HR to determine the acceptable ratio of first aid officers to employees, and they should consider a number of criteria in the risk assessment phase.

  • Unfair dismissals: extension of time application tougher by HCA

    FWA (Fair Work Australia) in dismissing a recent extension of time application, has indicated it will allow extensions only in “rare cases, where there are exceptional circumstances.”

  • What is acceptable alternative employment? by HCA

    In a recent case, the Australian Industrial Relations Commission (AIRC) refused an application by Tasman Sheepskin Tannery Pty Ltd (TST) to avoid paying severance pay to redundant employees under the Tanning Industry Award 1999

  • Issues arising from award modernisation by HCA

    With the AIRC’s Award Modernisation process well under way, further issues of concern are beginning to crystallise for employers. Those issues include the narrow time frame for employers to prepare, uncertainty surrounding transitional rates of pay and the significant creep in award coverage

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