A guide to change management

by External01 Apr 2015

Working on your culture now
At one time or another, most of us have had the experience of sitting in a room while a new idea is rolled out and will remember thinking ‘that's not going to work’. What happens next is almost wholly dependent on the culture already in place in the business and the manner in which the idea is presented.

There are few things more frustrating from an employer’s perspective than hearing 'I didn't say anything, I thought you'd have already looked at that', when an (in hindsight) obvious issue emerges.

Businesses that elicit the required feedback at the first meeting, rather than after the fact, have strong tendencies to actively listen to their staff and present 'ideas' as exactly that, rather than a fait accompli. Even if you are not considering major change, you can make some major investments in your business future by seeking feedback from your staff on a regular basis as to how the business can be improved. While you don't have to act on every idea, you may get some fantastic ideas and also get a far clearer picture of your employee’s views of the business.

Giving your staff feedback on ideas that are taken up and not shying away from commenting on those that aren't going to be implemented at this stage can play a core role in engaging your team with the business success.

Is change the answer? If so, how much?
In order to successfully answer this question, you firstly need to be able to identify the following:

- What is the issue?
- How big an issue is this - can you quantify the impact of the change?
- What are the possible solutions?
- What are the risks of both implementing and not implementing?

Having a sounding board in the form of someone you trust and who understands your business issues can be a great asset in shaping your thinking around an issue. Don't be afraid to ask others for input. Often undertaking this analysis at an early stage will show that the benefits may not outweigh the risks for a particular concept.

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