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Key Media

Key Media delivers world class content through various multimedia channels including print, online and in person.

Key Media is a rapidly growing media company with offices in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong and Toronto serving a range of professional services markets across Asia-Pacific and North America.

The organisation’s products operate across key business verticals including Financial, Property and Human Resources, and bring product providers and business communities together through print media, in person and online. Key Media has an unquestioned reputation for delivering high quality, timely information in whatever format best suits our customers.

In less than a decade, Key Media has grown from the launch publisher of a single B2B magazine to a global business media company with an ever-growing portfolio of market leading products. Key Media prides itself on its entrepreneurial culture, creating market-leading products for the industries that we operate in.

Central to our business model is a truly platform-neutral approach to media communication. Whether audiences wish to communicate through the pages of a magazine, face-to-face at events or conferences, or online through the latest in cutting edge technology, Key Media has a product to suit their needs.

“We believe there are no forms of media too old to thrive or too young to explore. We are always adapting and developing and looking for ways to improve our quality and expand our presence within our markets.”

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Justin Kennedy
sales director
Ph: (02) 8437 4775
E-mail: justin.kennedy@keymedia.com.au
Website: www.keymedia.com.au