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Introverts vs extroverts: Who makes the better leader? by Chloe Taylor | 30/10/2014 11:12:09 PM

A recent study has suggested that introverted personalities could be the best to hire for leadership roles – but it all comes down to your workforce. read more

Can women attain top jobs and retain feminine qualities? by Chloe Taylor | 29/10/2014 4:12:49 PM

What does it take for HR to successfully help women to succeed? read more

Technological sacking: a legal absence of ethics? by Chloe Taylor | 28/10/2014 6:21:55 PM

A global company has come under fire for its impersonal and unorthodox method of terminating an employee’s contract. read more

Lighter side: Let music be the food of productivity by Chloe Taylor | 28/10/2014 10:28:51 AM

According to recent research, 90% of people perform better at work when listening to music – although your choice in genre could hinder productivity. Could the sound of silence be slowing down your workforce?read more

Calls for stricter rules on work outside of office hours by Tammy Buckley | 27/10/2014 11:20:17 AM

It's official: working outside of standard office hours is bad for your health, and now German researchers want companies to clamp down on excessive working hours. read more

Could your CEO be a psychopath? by Sarah Megginson | 24/10/2014 9:55:39 AM

It is not a trait that we normally associate with business leaders, but research indicates that psychopathic behavior among senior executives may be more common than we more