The Reality of Talent: HR and Innovation

by External18 Jun 2012


Recipe for innovation: Where is HR?

In this exclusive white paper, Adecco outlines why HR needs to be front and centre when it comes to fostering a culture of innovation in the workplace.

Chefs – professional or otherwise – are well aware of the wonderful diversity of the soufflé. The word soufflé is based on the French verb souffler, which literally means “to blow up” or more loosely “puff up”. The soufflé’s diversity can see it adopted as a savory main dish or sweetend to become the ultimate dessert.

What if the same principle was applied to business? Instead of adhering to tried and tested ‘ingredients’ to produce results we know are reliable, we instead mixed in something a little different? Take innovation. When we consider innovation we think R&D or marketing departments. Do we think HR? Perhaps less so…and yet…why not HR?

Despite being a buzzword from the 90’s that seems to have had a large degree of staying power, there is a tendency for some HR professionals to continue to view “innovation” as something best left to those “marketing types”.

However, HR is largely responsible for culture, which has an enormous part to play in driving innovation. Indeed, there have been countless scientific studies conducted that have isolated the variables that lead to increases in innovative performance and behaviour

Research conducted by the Aston Business School in the UK found the sophistication of HRM practice has a significant impact on the number of successful product, production and technology innovations emerging from organisations, not to mention enhanced engagement and productivity from employees.

It’s time to reposition HR’s link to innovation – we guarantee that far from the soufflé falling flat, it will rise to new heights.

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