Leading through tough times - who cares?

by External02 Jul 2012

This was delivered through thoughtful adherence to the leadership basics, team meetings, regular formal and informal 1:1 conversations, that ensured leaders had an acute awareness of their team members’ personal and career goals.

Structure was applied in the approach to regular and engaging conversations aligned to performance, talent management and career direction. Clarity was formalised for each individual’s contribution to BAU and project outcomes – through a RASCI (responsible, accountable, support, consult, information) Index. Leaders made time for their people and ensured that connections within the organisation were truly personal and caring. Focusing on these basics helped ensure employee engagement dramatically increased, as did a customer Net Promoter Score and the underlying business performance.

It’s an unsexy message, but doing the basics brilliantly and with discipline will have a greater impact on a team than all the ‘bells and whistles’ leadership fads. There remains room for innovation and flagship programs but they should support and sustain these basics.

Take a moment to think about how brilliantly your leaders apply the basics of leadership including:


  • Ensuring rigour around team meetings and staff 1:1s (and not rescheduling)
  • Drawing a link between the purpose and goals of the organisation and the team member’s own work and values
  • Setting time aside for a well-planned and thoughtful development discussion with your team members and coaching to support their development
  • Giving their team recognition every day and offering performance feedback clearly and concisely

What does brilliant entail? Firstly, brilliant isn’t always about more time. A good development conversation, 1:1 or recognition approach will take just as long as a bad one. Brilliant isn’t perfect. No leadership intervention is perfect. The investment in carrying out the leadership basics will be recognised and with practice will improve to become brilliant. Brilliant is about every day. Brilliant is about discipline – consistently and rigorously applying the leadership basics to the best of your ability. Brilliant is about caring.

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