• A perfect partnership by Iain Hopkins

    HRD chats to Joseph Chou, founder and CEO of Ironfish, a leading property investment services company and proud event partner of the Australian HR Awards

  • HR and risk management - an ideal match by Contributor

    It is an organisation’s people and corporate culture that drive its risk management and strategy

  • A new era for psych testing by HRD

    Psychometrics as a science may have its roots in Cambridge as far back as 1886, but today psychometric tools and assessments are helping businesses navigate a rapidly changing world

  • Litigating the glass ceiling by Contributor

    Class actions alleging gender discrimination are ubiquitous in the US. Helen Donovan and Kirsty Faichen look at whether Australia is set to go down the same path

  • Is workplace bullying on the rise? by Contributor

    Alice DeBoos says it’s time to separate facts from fiction when it comes to instances of workplace bullying

  • Reasonable action in psychological injury claims by Contributor

    The reasonable action defence for psychological injury claims can be used in workers’ compensation cases, however there are some catches

  • The rise and rise of the so-called gig economy by Contributor

    Benjamin Gee outlines the legal ramifications of the gig economy for employers

  • Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s by HRD

    With contracting increasing in popularity for both workers and employers, how can HR create  contracting relationships that are both value-adding and compliant?

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