• Personalised learning by HRM

    How can HR individualise learning and development programmes for staff?

  • Building a better office by HCA

    A well-designed work environment can lead to happier employees, increased productivity and even ongoing savings.

  • Beating bullies by

    Bullying has major repercussions for the health, productivity and financial performance of the workforce. Iain Hopkins outlines the problem and what can be done about it

  • Interim managers - more than a band-aid fix by HCA

    As the workforce becomes less entrenched in long-term positions, and corporations struggle to remain competitive, the field of interim management is exploding. Human Capital explores the options

  • Luck of the draw? by HCA

    There are countless methods available to define and assess culture and many more methods available to assess job candidates' potential to fit organisational culture. Dr Elizabeth Allworth provides a comprehensive guide to screening for cultural fit

  • Earn your stripes by HCA,Iain Hopkins

    HR professionals face unique challenges when it comes to L&D in a recession. Not only must they ensure the learning needs of all employees are considered, they must also look after themselves. Human Capital explores some cost-effective upskilling options

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