• Getting onboarding on track by HRD

    Onboarding is about eliminating any early doubts a new hire may have about their employer. HRD looks at onboarding best practice in 2016

  • Maximising talent potential by HRD

    The composition of the workforce is changing. HRD reveals how the demand from employees for more flexible work options is shaping the workforce of tomorrow – and how HR can prepare

  • Inside the perfect storm by External

    Despite countless research reports demonstrating the benefits of diversity, many companies still struggle to get it right. Juliet Bourke outlines the business case for diversity.

  • Building the perfect leader by Iain Hopkins

    From MBAs and Masters to coaching and mentoring, the leadership development options are daunting. Here’s a guide to what you can expect.

  • SAS – working the good life by Iain Hopkins

    From free M&M’s 26 years ago to a world-renowned employee benefits system – SAS has pipped Google as the World’s Best Employer in Fortune magazine. Tom Washington speaks to ANZ managing director Gordon Clubb and HR director Brendan Gregor about how the region’s company values and employment practices have transformed the business

  • Personalised learning by HRM

    How can HR individualise learning and development programmes for staff?

  • Building a better office by HCA

    A well-designed work environment can lead to happier employees, increased productivity and even ongoing savings.

  • Beating bullies by

    Bullying has major repercussions for the health, productivity and financial performance of the workforce. Iain Hopkins outlines the problem and what can be done about it

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