Silvia Damiano

Adjunct Director for Neuro-Learning Programs at Macquarie Graduate School of Management- Founder & CEO of the About my Brain Institute - Speaker - Author - Master Facilitator & Leadership Expert


A passionate teacher and entrepreneur, Silvia knows the secrets of how the leadership brain needs to be developed to achieve commercial advantage in the 21st century. Silvia is the creator of the i4 Neuroleader model, a personal leadership model that addresses the competencies required for the new working era. Silvia’s dedication to learn the latest research in terms of neuroscience, leadership and future trends allows her to develop unique and cutting edge interventions and programs.


In the past 20 years, Silvia has worked in different countries, across many industries, helping teams and organisations to enhance business performance and leadership capabilities. Silvia is driven by the values of learning and personal development and believes that education is at the core of any enterprise.

Her specialties are emotional intelligence, Neuro-leadership, team facilitation, team building, conceptual design of Executive Leadership programs, employee engagement, personal transformation, cultural change and talent development.

Holding degrees in Science and Sociology, Silvia started her career in Australia setting up a property development venture for a European holding being their General Manager before she started her consulting career.

Silvia has worked both as an internal and external consultant in many projects for a variety of clients ranging from telecommunications, IT, banking, sales and manufacturing and mining.

Silvia has also been Program Director at Mt Eliza Executive Education (Melbourne Business School) conducting a number of open and customised programs. She previously worked for Westpac as a Senior Manager in L&D and OD leading big projects such as the Mission Possible program, Voyager for IT and the roll out of the learning maps initiative for the Ask Once Revolution project.

Silvia has co-founded and directed the Brain Art Exhibition in Sydney, an event designed with the purpose of promoting young talent and enhancing brain awareness in the community.

Silvia is currently an Adjunct Director of Neuro-Learning Programs at MGSM and continuously travels overseas to teach in MBA programs for other business schools as well as presenting at Conferences.

Silvia is the author of the best seller “Engage Me” which won an award in 2010 selling more than 10,000 books in the English and Spanish languages. She also authored the book “What did your parents teach you about emotions”? and has recently released her book “Leadership is Upside Down”.


Silvia’s work is energetic, original, inspirational and professional, creating real benefits for corporations around the world.

- In 2012, she was the highest rated presenter for the mining industry conferences organised by the Eventful Group throughout Australia.

- In 2011, she was also nominated for the prestigious Telstra Women in Business Awards in 2011 for her work in regards to raising brain awareness in the community with her BrainArt Project.

- In 2010, Silvia was an AITD (Australian Institute for Training & Development) Finalist for Operational Effectiveness

- An expert in the design and implementation of Organisational Learning strategies, Silvia received in 2006 the L&D Excellence Award for the best learning tool by the same organisation for her project on LSI cultural change for Westpac Banking.