Janette Coulton

Janette is the deputy director of Human Resources (HR) for Raytheon Australia. Based in Canberra, Janette is responsible for HR strategy and governance issues, HR performance measurement, critical workforce planning, and employee benefits.

Raytheon Australia has more than 1,250 employees across the country, and Janette’s previous roles with the company include HR operations and special projects.

She has worked within the defence contracting sector for more than 10 years and  has a combined work history of more than 25 years in both HR and industrial relations (IR) across a number of sectors including local and federal government, disability, youth, recreation and outdoor education.

Prior to joining Raytheon Australia, Janette held the position of HR Asia Pacific Lead for KBR Pty Ltd.

Janette holds an MBA and graduate diploma of HR and IR from RMIT, and has completed studies in International HRM at Melbourne University. She is also a qualified Raytheon Six Sigma™ specialist and a graduate of the Raytheon Australia Management Excellence Program.