Agenda 2015

DAY ONE - Thursday 18 June 2015

8:00am Registration Opens

8:45am Welcome & opening remarks from the Event Partner

Frank Kennedy
Executive Director
AGSM Executive Education

8:55am Introduction of Speaker Line-up

John Davis        
Senior HR, Management & Business Transformation Executive; Director & Company Secretary
Bangalley Group,
Former CHRO of Unilever and Rentokil

9:00am KEYNOTE North Star: Leading with purpose, clarity and impact

One of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world, Revlon recognises its strengths and competitive advantage are embedded within their people strategy. In this highly anticipated presentation, hear from Revlon Managing Director Rob Garratt on how he builds trust with employees, recognises HR and employees as his biggest assets and reiterates a clear message of leading with purpose. Joined by Revlon’s HR Director, explore their roadmap for a great executive partnership. 

Rob Garratt
Managing Director, General Manager, Australia and New Zealand
Kelly Pumpa
HR Director

9:45am Strategic HR: Being a key influencer in the boardroom

The expectations of the CHRO role have grown tremendously. CEOs are putting more pressure on the HR function to deliver meaningful results, Boards are spending more time embedded in HR areas such as succession planning, change and metrics and CHROs have more visibility at the top as a result. Explore how CHROs can add crucial value to their CEO, CFO and Board and how you can contribute to the overall business strategy.
Christine Stasi
General Manager People and Culture, Business Banking

10:30am Refreshments and Networking Break

11:00am CASE STUDY Data-driven HR: Insights from IBM

In today’s business environment, it is critical for HR Directors to understand data and translate a ‘finding’ into a program or solution that drives business change. In this case study, hear how IBM’s HR team is using specialised data analytics skills to influence C-suite executives on business strategy.

  • Should we hire for current skills or future potential?
  • How are the drivers of profitability changing?
  • Which new strategies and value propositions will be critical for future growth?
  • How are business changes creating new opportunities?
  • How can we leverage existing resources and capabilities across a diverse and disperse business portfolio to reach our goals?

Kathleen McCudden
Director of Human Resources

11:45am CASE STUDY Change agility: Leading change and organisational renewal

Bayer in Australia and New Zealand has been undertaking a cultural transformation program to enable innovation - through activating the “informal organisation” approach.  Bayer’s Ambition 2015 strategy demonstrates how it is possible to effect change in a multinational, hierarchical matrix organisation by leading from the “bottom up”. A truly innovative and novel approach to unlocking human capital, Ambition 2015 has resulted in exceptional levels of engagement, empowerment and new leadership capability across all levels of the organisation. 

Isadore Payne
Head of HR ANZ

12:30pm Networking Lunch

1:15pm CASE STUDY Building talent capability at Star Track

Star Track is the largest freight and logistics service provider in Australia with in excess of 15,000 employees and $3.5B in annual turnover. This session explores the importance of talent as a crucial link to business strategy and execution. Hear best practices for continuously improving HR operations, efficiencies and building on talent capabilities that impact bottom-line revenue.

Robert Tanti
General Manager Human Resources 
Star Track 

2:00pm PANEL DISCUSSION Secrets revealed: Building strategic partnerships with the CEO, CFO and the board

As key members of the executive team, CHROs act as trusted advisors. In this panel discussion, top leaders will share their ideas and strategies for effective executive partnerships. Gain insight into:

  • What keeps CEOs and CFOs up at night
  • Preparing and reacting to changes in the business
  • Knowing how to scale and deliver opportunities for growth
  • Building trust and acting as a sounding board for new ideas and strategies
  • Assisting the C-suite to keep an ear to the ground on staff issues
  • Delivering value in guidelines for governance, compliance and risk mitigation
  • Understanding financial data and the risks and costs of attracting and retaining talent

John Davis         
Senior HR, Management & Business Transformation Executive; Director & Company Secretary
Bangalley Group, Former CHRO of Unilever and Rentokil

Helen Fraser
Director, Human Resources, Australia & New Zealand

Naomi Mourra
Head of HR, Australia New Zealand 
BBC Worldwide 

2:45pm Refreshments & networking break

3:00pm Turning information into insight: Leveraging HR technology to enhance the employee experience

New advances in HR technologies are impacting every segment of the employee lifecycle from recruitment, salary reviews, performance appraisals, succession planning to global business interaction. In this session, understand how you can use HR technology and systems to improve the employee experience and business outcomes:

  • Leveraging data and analytics to drive better business outcomes
  • Demonstrate a direct link between human capital performance and profitability
  • Enhancing self-service and collaboration
  • Ensuring access to the workplace and employee information anywhere and at any time
  • Plan workforce change, analyse trends and predict future outcomes
  • Delivering a productive and highly engaged workplace

Darren Fewster 
Executive Director, Shared Services, Human Resources  

3:30pm Ambidextrous leadership: Mastering presentation styles for speaking to the Board vs. the company

HR leaders are expected to present to and influence a broad range of stakeholders. This can range from presenting ideas or business cases to a board of directors through to company-wide presentations to front-line staff. How are these contrasting audiences different in their expectations, and what communication and presentation techniques might be employed to the best effect? This session will outline ways to persuade, drawing on a range of ideas and approaches. Explore concepts and techniques drawn from the cross-over between the business and performance (theatre) worlds, and learn how an ambidextrous approach to leadership and presentation skills can impact positively from the boardroom to the lunchroom.

Glen Petersen 
Generator Talent Group
HR leader Glen Petersen has been at the helm of Human Resources for companies including PepsiCo, Campbell Arnott’s, Lion Nathan, Fonterra, Telstra and Telecom NZ.

4:15pm Mindful leadership: HR leadership from good to great

In a workplace characterised by ambiguity, pressure and complexity, successful CHROs continually assess their own leadership capabilities. This session will cover topics such as authenticity, strengths-based leadership, inspiring others as well as self-management through continuous change. Find out how to improve your leadership skills and influence others as a business partner. Explore:

  • Self-assessment of leadership style and behaviours
  • Recognising leadership capabilities, strengths and areas of focus
  • Taking time for critical reflection and understanding self
  • Accelerating inspiration into leadership action
  • Sustaining momentum and implementing leadership skill improvements

Sonia McDonald  
Leadership HQ 

5:00pm Networking cocktail reception 

DAY TWO - Friday 19 June 2015

8:30am Registration Opens

8:45am Opening remarks from the Chair
HR – The currency of competitive advantage

John Davis
Senior HR, Management & Business Transformation Executive; Director & Company Secretary
Bangalley Group, Former CHRO of Unilever and Rentokil

9:00am Collective genius: The art and practice of leading innovation

Why can some organisations innovate time and again, while most cannot? Does it lie in talent, or breaking down organisational barriers? To ensure sustained innovation, learn how to unleash and harness the "collective genius" of the people in your organisation. Understand how successful companies create and sustain a culture where innovation is allowed to happen again and again—an environment where people are both willing and able to do the hard work that innovative problem solving requires.
Peter Olsen
Executive General Manager - Support Resources
Thiess Australia

9:45am CASE STUDY Championing HR initiatives: Creating teams of HR specialists

As Australia’s only combined rail freight and port operator, Asciano brings together Pacific National’s rail operations and Patrick’s ports and stevedoring businesses to form the backbone of Australia’s global trade, with exposure to retail, mining, shipping, industrial, steel, automotive, and general cargo sectors. To drive positive, sustainable change across the business, Asciano is committed to developing HR professionals to become highly skilled experts in business and strategy. Learn how the best CHROs are creating teams of specialists who are focused on cutting-edge skills, utilising technology and increased HR capabilities. Hear the accelerators Asciano has developed to help foster a culture of adaptive, specialist leaders across their businesses and regions.

Alexandra Badenoch
Director Human Resources, Corporate Affairs & Customer
John Mullen

10:30am Refreshments & networking break

11:00am CASE STUDY Transformational change at CSIRO

In February 2014 the CSIRO Board endorsed a program of operating model decadal transformation in response to reviews of CSIRO’s staff wellbeing, operating arrangements and financial sustainability. In this session, CSIRO’s ‎Sue Davidson will share some of the lessons that she has learned during their transformational change management program.
  • ‘Five things I wish I knew when I started the change journey’
  • Why I’d never ‘skimp’ on communication and change management resources
  • Benefits realisation and path to impact and critical focus
  • Establishment and evolution of Program Office operating arrangements
  • Program Office governance, risk management and stakeholder engagement insights

Sue Davidson
General Manager, HR Strategy & Organisational Development & Integrated Reform Program Director

11:45am C-suite succession planning and capability development: How to avoid a leadership crisis

No matter how certain the future appears, C-suite succession planning is an essential part of doing business. CHROs must be strategic in identifying potential leaders from inside and outside the company and provide them with the development opportunities needed to succeed. Key to this process is the accurate assessment of long-term potential, identification of critical competencies and capability development. Explore:
  • Managing risks associated with CEO transition
  • Getting shareholder consensus that the succession process is fair and well executed
  • Measuring the capabilities of internal executives with C-suite potential
  • How to retain unsuccessful leadership contenders

Pearl Daly
Director Global Talent & Succession Management

12:30pm Networking lunch â€‹
1:15pm Data and metrics that matter: The future of performance ratings and predictive analytics

With three generations in the workplace (each with very different motivational drivers), performance ratings are getting much airplay in HR teams, at the executive table and in the boardroom. Is there really a single ‘one size fits all’ model of measuring performance? Gaye Haug will take you through the thinking behind both sides of this story and detail some practical examples of what is and what isn’t working in the world of performance and reward.

Gaye Haug
Head of Performance and Reward

2:00pm WORKSHOP The strategic decision-making mindset

CHROs must contend with high levels of uncertainty, multi-functional teams, and changing competitive landscapes. Besides making short-term tactical decisions, there is a growing need for long-term, strategic decision making. How can you make effective decisions quickly?

This session provides you with the opportunity to reflect on your role as a leader and the broader impact your personal leadership can have for your organisation. Understand your frame for decision making, learn to use critical thinking effectively and gain a deeper understanding of the role your leadership persona plays in your decision-making process.

Justin Miles
Managing Director, Melbourne Office
Generator Talent Group

HR leader Justin Miles has held global ‘head of talent’ roles in two Fortune 500 companies as well as senior and ‘head of’ HR roles for companies including PepsiCo, The Campbell Soup Company, Diageo, Rip Curl, Fonterra, Target and the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria. 

2:45pm How employees perceive HR in your organisation and why it matters: effects of staff perception and understanding HR in organisations​

Employees perceive HR Management as a powerful method of communication between the employer and the employee. The question is, how can organisations successfully implement effective HRM knowing the importance of employees’ perceptions? In this session Karin Sanders will draw from her research around how HRM can influence employee behaviour by considering HRM as a powerful method of communication. Karin will address the different actor (CEO, senior managers, line managers, HR professionals, employees) perceptions within organisations, and cover the risk of ‘satisfaction’ surveys and whether there may be a better way to collect data from employees.

Karin Sanders
Head of School of Management, UNSW Business School
OB and HRM and Director, Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, UNSW Australia

3:30pm Conference adjourns