HC Magazine issue 10.9

by HCA06 Sep 2012

Cover story: What are you worth?

How are HR professionals faring in the continued economic turbulence? Find out in HC’s annual remuneration review



My Brilliant Career

Acknowledged best employer Abbott Australia is setting the bar high in the medical research and healthcare field – and with talent tight, it’s hoping this latest accolade will reap rewards


The only way is up

In every sharemarket downturn, the value and effectiveness of long-term incentives is questioned; yet now is perfect time for re-setting LTI packages, writes Jon Finlay


Out with the rearview mirror; time to forecast the future

What gets measured gets managed – and capturing, interrogating and managing ‘big data’ is finally filtering through to HR. How can talent analytics be used to consolidate HR’s position at the exec table? Iain Hopkins investigates


All about context

Why choose an MBA over a Master of HR? Do both options hold appeal for HR professionals? Human Capital discovers the key is context



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