HC Magazine issue 10.1

by Iain Hopkins15 Dec 2011

Cover story: How to think – and act – big

How HR can avoid incrementalism and embrace big ideas in 2012? Iain Hopkins investigates



Balancing act

While Australia continues its ‘sit and wait’ approach to the uncertain global economic outlook, there are significant challenges closer to home which will require urgent attention – and HR will be at the forefront of providing solutions. Human Capital reports on HR’s top priorities in 2012


Shake it up

Time for teambuilding! Cue rolled eyes, general cynicism and disengagement. What’s gone wrong with this much maligned corporate specialty, and can it be revived?


Make telework work

Ninety per cent of work-from-home offices are set up badly, resulting in possible risks to employee health and increases in workers’ comp claims. Kate Aubusson explores how organisations can protect their work-from-home employees and their bottom line 


Learning to give, not just receive

What form will corporate volunteering take in 2012? Human Capital explores what one company is doing to help those in need, while also keeping its own staff engaged


Profile: Spotless Group

With career experience in complex and often challenging work environments, this month’s profiled HR professional firmly dispels the notion that ‘anyone can do HR’


Frontline Intelligence

In Step – HR career experts