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  • Executive fired for foot tattoo by Janie Smith

    Tattoos are becoming increasingly common, but for one company, an employee’s inked foot was a step too far.

  • Self-destructing text messages: HR friend or foe? by Janie Smith

    It sounds like something out of a spy movie but self-destructing text messages are now a reality thanks to a new app. Should HR be wary of this new technology or embrace it?

  • Enforcing a dress code: What you need to know by Human Capital

    Haircuts, tattoos, the number of earrings an employee can wear – implementing a workplace dress code is considered a reasonable measure, but how far can you go when enforcing it?

  • Unpaid work: tips for navigating a HR minefield by Janie Smith

    Recent allegations of non-payment or under-payment by Kylie Minogue’s backing performers raise the issue of the legality of unpaid work. HC looks at the facts you need to know.

  • Landmark FWC ruling: bullying jurisdiction backdated by HCA

    The Fair Work Commission has confirmed that it will accept applications relating to bullying conduct that occurred prior to 1 January, 2014. HC investigates.

  • Work gossip at epidemic proportions by Stephanie Zillman

    Next time you go to click ‘send’ on a juicy piece of gossip, the email will be just one of dozens going around the office at any one time...

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