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  • Mixing work with pleasure: the fine line by

    Athena Koelmeyer outlines two recent cases that have underscored the grey area of whether an employer should attempt to intervene and give directions to employees about what they can and cannot do in their “private time”, whilst engaged in work-related travel.

  • Best practice guide to termination by Human Capital

    Dismissing employees can turn into an HR nightmare if the correct process isn't followed. Workplace Law managing director Athena Koelmeyer shares her best practice tips for successful terminations.

  • Lawyer claims “sexual” entertainment rife in Australian executive circles by Janie Smith

    Providing sexually-based entertainment for clients is still considered acceptable in a number of Australian businesses, according to a top lawyer. How can HR combat this culture?

  • Executive fired for foot tattoo by Janie Smith

    Tattoos are becoming increasingly common, but for one company, an employee’s inked foot was a step too far.

  • Self-destructing text messages: HR friend or foe? by Janie Smith

    It sounds like something out of a spy movie but self-destructing text messages are now a reality thanks to a new app. Should HR be wary of this new technology or embrace it?

  • Enforcing a dress code: What you need to know by Human Capital

    Haircuts, tattoos, the number of earrings an employee can wear – implementing a workplace dress code is considered a reasonable measure, but how far can you go when enforcing it?

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