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  • You sacked them – but now they’re back! by Victoria Bruce

    Reinstating a sacked employee to their former role might have everyone feeling a little red-faced, but HR can successfully manage the situation, says legal expert.

  • What’s in store for employment law 2016? by

    2016 will present plenty of fresh challenges to HR professionals – not least in terms of new workplace legislation. From the award review process to the ongoing issue of employee underpayment, HCTV sat down with Athena Koelmeyer, principal and director of Workplace Law, to run through what HR needs to be across this year.

  • How to legally manage employee internet usage by Victoria Bruce

    HC chats to an employment lawyer about the legalities of internet use for non-work purposes.

  • Is it time to revisit your paid parental leave scheme? by Victoria Bruce

    Employers may need to get creative with parental leave policies if new legislation comes into place.

  • Commission rejects 7-Eleven pay deal by Victoria Bruce

    A proposed enterprise agreement by a Sydney 7-Eleven franchise has been rejected by the Fair Work Commission as it would have underpaid employees.

  • Hot-desking lands ATO in compensation case by Chloe Taylor

    The Australian Taxation Office has been involved in a long legal battle after an employee sustained injuries from changes made to her work station by casual employees.

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