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  • Paranoia is feeding fear of flexible work policies: report by Stephanie Zillman

    The promise of increased productivity isn’t enough of a carrot to spur companies into solving the challenge of managing a work-from-home workforce. What's the problem?

  • Rise in wages indicates shift in power balance by Astrid Wilson

    New figures show wages grew by 1% alone last quarter – but the figures also highlight that in the current market HR must look beyond high wages to retain the top talent.

  • Staff morale not an area to scrimp by HCA

    As economic uncertainty continues to mount, some Australian employers are beginning to reflect on the strategies that worked, and didn’t work, during the GFC – and the word on the street is that a happy worker is a productive worker regardless of the economy.

  • Financial workers feel pressure to work long hours by

    They may deal with money every day but it is work-life balance financial services workers want, not more dollars in their pay check.

  • Employees switching jobs to get pay hike by

    Employees are job hopping in order to get a pay rise rather than negotiate their current salary, according to new research released today by specialist financial recruitment firm, Robert Half.

  • ‘Ego surfing’ can boost career success by

    Australia may be famous for being a surfing Mecca, but we could soon have a nation full of ego-surfers, too.

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