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  • Australian HR Awards wrap up by HCA

    This year’s Australian HR Awards were held on Friday night – what was it like, and who took away the big awards?

  • More strings to the bow: The expanding nature of HR - Part 1 by Cameron Edmond

    While it will never lose sight of its core ‘people functions’, in order to remain relevant and effective, the HR function is adopting elements of other business functions – what are they, and how important are they set to become?

  • Handling constant change in the ‘digital storm’ by Cameron Edmond

    While some organisations might be racing to keep up with the digital storm, keeping a cool and cautious head will help your business survive, one expert suggests.

  • HR Awards finalists revealed! by HCA

    Nominations for the Australian HR Awards are now closed, and today we reveal the finalists!

  • Bridge the divide as a business imperative by Human Capital

    The case for gender diversity in the workplace has been well and truly proven, but the number of women on boards continues to lag. We speak to Andrea O'Bryan of Diversity at Work, Steve Rowe of IAG and Simone Carroll of REA Group for their thoughts on attracting and retaining women.

  • Technology that's transforming HR in 2013 by Human Capital

    Technology is changing the HR world and it's a trend that's likely to continue in 2013. We speak to Andy Cross of Ambition and Simone Carroll of REA Group for their thoughts on how you can adapt to rapid developments in the industry.

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