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  • Fair Work Act Review: Much to do about nothing by HCA

    Gerard Phillips writes that the review of the Fair Work Act has been a failed opportunity to address serious structural issues in Australia's IR system.

  • Qantas fined thousands for mistreating worker by Stephanie Zillman

    The national carrier and one of its managers have been fined $15,500 over a successful claim launched by a worker who was mistreated after questioning his rate of pay.

  • Good day at the office for HR at Qantas by Stephanie Zillman

    Fair Work has released its tensely awaited ruling in the Qantas industrial dispute, largely finding in favour of the airline. The judgment is a significant win and the findings will have important flow-on effects.

  • One in ten dream of working at Google by

    Three quarters of Australians and New Zealanders dream of working somewhere else, with one in ten aspiring to work for Google, according to new research.

  • NBN on recruitment drive by

    The National Broadband Network (NBN) is currently on a recruitment drive as it seeks to triple its headcount from 100 to 300 by the middle of 2010, however, recruitment experts have warned that a shortage of skilled IT professionals could hamper the project

  • Leaders need to move from resignation to resilience by HCA

    How do leaders create organisations that will emerge better than before the GFC? Leaders need to look beyond the tough times for opportunities in the current climate, keep an unwavering eye on their strategic objectives and use their values in decision making.

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