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  • Eleventh hour change to new compo laws; provision branded ‘unworkable’ by Astrid Wilson

    A provision included in the recent changes to workers’ compensation laws is likely to be changed after being branded ‘unworkable’ by a Work Cover inquiry.

  • Spotlight on workplace depression by Astrid Wilson

    A new report has found that while the understanding of depression has improved, many workplaces remain gravely misinformed about depression and how to help someone.

  • Finalists announced for Australian HR Awards for 2012 by HCA

    The finalists for the Australian HR Awards have been revealed. View the full list of finalists at the official event website now!

  • Smokers need not apply by Stephanie Zillman

    The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) has come out swinging, sparking an age-old debate by accusing smokers of costing the state “millions and millions” of dollars in lost productivity each year.

  • Failure to make up shortfall ends up costing much more by Astrid Wilson

    Just 15% of employers bring in extra staff to cover the shortfall created when employees go on annual or long-service leave – but thriftiness comes at a price.

  • Melbourne gets the nod as #1, again by Elizabeth Barnard

    A run of top 10 rankings in a series of reputable global living reports is a card to play for HR looking to attract top talent to Australia.

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