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  • What are CEOs' priorities for 2015? by Chloe Taylor

    A global firm’s annual survey of international CEOs has highlighted executive priorities for the remainder of 2015.

  • Legislation would ban after-work emails by Sarah Megginson

    A nation recognised as a global leader in workplace efficiency is now considering legislation that would make it illegal to email colleagues after 6pm.

  • Mental illness linked to $10bn in lost productivity by Sarah Megginson

    What percentage of your workforce is likely to experience an anxiety disorder – and how can you effectively manage it?

  • Data profiling: Useful or invasive? by Janie Smith

    Would having access to your employees’ personal data like their social media profiles help with things like engagement and motivation, or would it just be snooping?

  • The crossroads facing HR by Janie Smith

    A study looking at the future of work has identified three different paths HR could follow in the organisations of tomorrow.

  • Why HR needs to think like the CMO by Janie Smith

    Is a lack of marketing ability holding HR back? One expert says it’s time for HR to learn from the chief marketing officer.

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