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  • ​In Person: Lisa Christy, SAP by Iain Hopkins

    ​With responsibilities stretching across 900 employees in Australia and New Zealand, Lisa Christy, HR director at tech giant SAP, has plenty on her plate. She refl ects on 15 years in the HR profession, tough decisions, the appeal of IT, and balancing work and personal life

  • Could your company’s next CEO be sitting next to you? by Human Capital

    Good leadership consistently appears at the top of organisational priority lists but how can HR ensure the right people are being groomed for the organisation’s top leadership role?

  • ​Inside the HR secrets of an Internet Giant by HCA

    Level 3 Communications’ Laurinda Pang works to ensure today’s HR strategies will succeed in tomorrow’s tech-based business world

  • How effective is Facebook for recruitment? by Cameron Edmond

    Are Facebook ads for recruiting purposes worth the cash, or should HR be spending their advertising budget elsewhere?

  • Four things HR can learn from Microsoft’s new CEO by Cameron Edmond

    It looks like the saga of finding a new CEO for Microsoft may be over. What can HR pros learn from the process?

  • Social media and business change by External

    Can emerging technologies enable us to deliver change better and faster than ever before? Faith Forster believes so.

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