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  • Leadership capability key to making an impact by Iain Hopkins

    When it comes to implementing HR strategies effectively, having a high degree of leadership capability in your organisation is an essential factor for success.

  • No such thing as a free lunch by Rose Sneyd

    Would you leave your current job for a couple of slices of hot pizza? American recruiters are hoping that highly skilled workers will consider it.

  • Recognition programs that reap rewards by Human Capital

    Progressive HR leaders are finding new and quirky ways to reward star performers. We speak to Simone Carroll of REA Group and Rose Clements of Microsoft for their thoughts on effective ways to celebrate employees' contribution to business.

  • Employment branding and social media: Influence or control? by

    Is your organisation brand influenced or brand controlled in the social media age? Mike Larsen outlines the differences.

  • Windows 8 - A new platform for a new way of working by

    What does the launch of Microsoft's new operating system mean for end-users? Kiril Grasevski provides some tips on what to expect.

  • HR leadership at Deloitte by HCA

    Great companies consist of great people. The core focus of HR is to safeguard this valuable resource through effective recruitment, retention and a leadership strategy that aligns with the overall business strategy.

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