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  • Creating a healthy workplace by External,Human Capital

    Think 'man-flu' is confined to the male population? Think again - 47% of full-time employees will take a day off if they get a cold, with women 10% more likely to stay at home than men. Dr Georgia Karabatsos outlines what can be done.

  • HR Awards finalists revealed! by HCA

    Nominations for the Australian HR Awards are now closed, and today we reveal the finalists!

  • Wellness: Corporates have got it wrong by External

    Countless well intentioned 'wellness' initiatives only appeal to a small percentage of the workforce.Timo Topp provides some tips to broaden the appeal of any corporate-led health and wellbeing initiative.

  • No winners when it comes to untaken leave by HCA,Stephanie Zillman

    At first thought it may seem like a good thing that your employees don’t want to take their annual leave – but huge amounts of untaken leave on the balance sheet is a liability.

  • Most staff health programs are missing the mark by HCA

    New survey findings have revealed a staggeringly high number of employees do not participate in the health programs on offer – are you throwing money away?

  • Presenteeism drains Australian business by HCA

    Research released by Medibank today has revealed that presenteeism burdens the Australian economy with an annual cost of $34bn.

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