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  • Can you trust LinkedIn profiles? by Elizabeth Barnard

    Despite having become one of the most popular online platforms for professional networking – a whopping 83% of Aussie employers don’t trust the info people provide on their profiles.

  • Make your job advertisements go viral by Miriam Bell

    HR can attract a wider range of job candidates by adopting a few basic tips designed to make job advertisements go viral...

  • Time to assess the positives? Social media for internal comms by Astrid Wilson

    The focus is so often on mitigating the fallout from social media disasters that many organisations have failed to effectively leverage digital platforms for staff engagement and internal communications.

  • Ten ways to improve your hiring success by Caitlin Nobes

    Are your recruitment efforts paying off? If not, here are 10 basic, but effective, ways to improve your hiring process...

  • Heading for extinction: Office tools on endangered list by Iain Hopkins

    LinkedIn has produced a list of the office tools and trends on the brink of extinction in Australia – and secretaries can breathe a sigh of relief. No more cassette chewing tape recorders!

  • Who owns what in the social media age? by HCA

    Who is responsible for protecting company information in the social media age? Does HR have a role to play in preventing ‘data leakage’?

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