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  • [Update] Holden to close; thousands of jobs impacted - What can HR learn? by Cameron Edmond

    The announcement we were all expecting: Holden will cease production, affecting thousands of Australians. But what is the company doing about its employees?

  • Leadership development: Mission Impossible? by

    Leadership capability is probably the single largest determinant of organisational success. But Geoff Aigner asks just how much impact are senior managers in HR, leadership and talent development really having in developing this capability?

  • Don't underestimate the ROI of trust in your business by Iain Hopkins

    As many organisations experience high turnover and low productivity, what can be done at a HR level? In this week's HCTV we speak to Bruce Anderson of Lee Hecht Harrison and Adrianna Loveday of Randstad about the tangible financial benefits of building trust within your organisation.

  • How to achieve restructure victory by Human Capital

    Two-thirds of companies fail to achieve cost savings or improve profitability after a restructure. We speak to Georg Hirschi of Lee Hecht Harrison and Joanna Price of Adshel about their strategies for a successful adjustment.

  • Critical talent – Assessing new demands by

    External factors are forcing employers to look within for future talent solutions. Bruce Anderson outlines where to start.

  • Exit interviews, still front and centre? by Rose Sneyd

    Are outgoing employees advocates for your company, or bitter and twisted, spraying bad publicity to all who will listen? Even after an employment relationships end badly, exit interviews can go towards ending on a high note.

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