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  • Victoria retail business fined $40,000 for underpaying employee by Chloe Taylor

    Operators of a retail company have been fined almost $40,000 after they underpaid an employee by 40% of her legal requirements.

  • Aussie company under fire for unpaid interns: Where do you stand? by Chloe Taylor

    When does an internship turn into an employment relationship? That’s the question facing a Melbourne based media company that has come under fire for failing to pay interns.

  • Fair Work Ombudsman crackdown on employee underpayment by Chloe Taylor

    As the Fair Work Ombudsman focuses in on employee underpayment across multiple industries, it’s a warning to all employers to ensure remuneration processes and policies are transparent and clearly communicated.

  • Subclass 457 Visa Reforms – Panel Recommendations and Compliance Measures by

    ​A review of Australia’s subclass 457 visa program for essential temporary skilled worker visas is now complete. Conducted by an independent panel, the review makes 22 key recommendations largely favoured by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and which are seen as positive steps towards a more streamlined visa program. It is expected that a formal government response, including the possible introduction of the necessary legislative changes, will follow in the coming months.

  • Business fined $90,000 for underpaying staff by Janie Smith

    A Sydney company has been fined for deliberately underpaying more than 350 workers, many of whom were young and from non-English-speaking backgrounds.

  • Company faces court after ignoring FWC order by Janie Smith

    In a landmark case, a Melbourne gym is facing legal action in the Federal Circuit Court after ignoring a Fair Work Commission order to pay compensation to an unfairly dismissed employee.

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