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  • Are Facebook posts grounds for termination? by Cameron Edmond

    Found something suspicious on an employee's Facebook page? There's a lot you need to think about before lining up a dismissal.

  • Could Work Choices make a comeback? by

    As the election enters its final days, new information has raised concerns that the Coalition may harken back to The Howard Government’s Work Choices – is this legitimate concern, or unfounded fear?

  • Workplace laws: Don’t let your organisation be a martyr for new legislation by Cameron Edmond

    By now, all organisations are well aware of the workplace law changes coming into effect. Safeguard your company against becoming an example for others to learn from.

  • Increase to wages for apprentices by Cameron Edmond

    The FWC has announced an increase in wages for Australian apprentices.

  • The new workplace bullying laws: What they mean for you by External

    For the first time, from 1 January 2014, there will be an all-encompassing law that makes bullying conduct unlawful with a right to redress workplace bullying through the Fair Work Commission. Andrew Ball and Tass Angelopoulos outline what this means for business.

  • Termination without an investigation is risky by HCA

    How an employee is terminated can be a minefield, with many employers finding themselves before the Fair Work Commission because they got it wrong. In this first of a series on common employer mistakes, HC looks at terminating without a preceding investigation.

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