Fair Work Commission news

  • Company faces court after ignoring FWC order by Janie Smith

    In a landmark case, a Melbourne gym is facing legal action in the Federal Circuit Court after ignoring a Fair Work Commission order to pay compensation to an unfairly dismissed employee.

  • Best practice guide to termination by Human Capital

    Dismissing employees can turn into an HR nightmare if the correct process isn't followed. Workplace Law managing director Athena Koelmeyer shares her best practice tips for successful terminations.

  • Porn-sharing postal workers reinstated by Janie Smith

    Is looking at X-rated material in the office reason enough to dismiss employees? The issue may not be as clear-cut as you think.

  • Can you fire someone for intending to steal? by Janie Smith

    If an employee is caught in the process of intending to steal company property, is it enough for a dismissal? A Fair Work Commission decision provides some clarity on the issue.

  • How to stop a complaint becoming legal action by Janie Smith

    Workplace disputes can quickly escalate into litigation or compensation claims if not treated properly. HC looks at how to stay on top of tricky situations.

  • Workers slow to take advantage of anti-bullying measures by Janie Smith

    It’s been more than six months since the Fair Work Commission’s anti-bullying measures came into force and the predicted onslaught of applications has yet to materialise. We look at the trends that have arisen from the changes.

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