Fair Work Commission news

  • Workers slow to take advantage of anti-bullying measures by Janie Smith

    It’s been more than six months since the Fair Work Commission’s anti-bullying measures came into force and the predicted onslaught of applications has yet to materialise. We look at the trends that have arisen from the changes.

  • Does medical clearance mean fit for work? by Janie Smith

    An employee who has been seriously injured and away from work for a long period may not be fit to resume a physical role, even if their doctor has given them the all-clear. When can you question a worker’s medical clearance?

  • What to do about a bad-mouthing employee by Janie Smith

    Instead of coming to HR with complaints, some employees decide to go to the media. HC looks at what your options are when an employee publicly criticises your company.

  • FWC announces changes to minimum wage by Human Capital

    Fair Work Commission president Justice Iain Ross has just announced the new minimum wage for 1.5 million Australian workers.

  • Know Bull! puts the spotlight on workplace bullying by Janie Smith

    It’s Know Bull! Day, Australia’s national workplace anti-bullying day. HC takes a look at what you can do to help banish bullying from the workplace.

  • Employment law around Asia Pacific by Tammy Buckley

    There have been some significant changes in the Australian employment law space especially around bullying. Here's what is happening in that space for our closest neighbours.

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