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  • Face-to-face equals best friends forever by

    In the age of the hot-desking, ‘always on’, mobile device clutching workforce multiple electronic channels are de rigeur. Warrick Glynn questions whether this is the best way to communicate, particularly when the message is sensitive or unpalatable.

  • Employers urged to look beyond glossy social media profiles by Iain Hopkins

    A new survey has revealed that while recruiters often ask to view Facebook pages and Twitter activity during interviews, the picture they reveal is not necessarily accurate – putting the onus back on employers to delve deeper.

  • The forgotten generation by

    With all the focus on Baby Boomers and young, upcoming demographics, Shane Duffy talks about the unique challenges facing 'the fogotten generation' - Gen X.

  • Social media: HR’s role in monitoring the reputational risks by Patrice Thomson,Stephanie Zillman

    As the business world plays catch-up, countless organisations have suffered social media disasters and severe brand-damage as a result – have you got all bases covered?

  • Recruitment video at PwC goes viral by HCA

    Social media recruitment is no longer just a ‘good idea’ on the horizon: it’s here, your competitors are doing it, and if you’re not on board you WILL be left behind.

  • Fair Work decision dents employer push for urine tests by Astrid Wilson

    An energy company’s request to test the urine of its employees has been thrown out by a full bench decision of Fair Work Australia in a case with potentially wide-reaching ramifications.

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