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  • Fostering internal talent for a successful future by

    Gabby Kelly outlines what Bakers Delight is doing to build talent from within.

  • What a year for HR: The biggest HR stories of 2012 by Stephanie Zillman

    It has been a jam-packed year for HR – from sweeping legislative changes to ongoing debate about performance reviews and navigating the challenges of working alongside social media, 2012 hasn’t seen a dull moment.

  • Employment branding and social media: Influence or control? by

    Is your organisation brand influenced or brand controlled in the social media age? Mike Larsen outlines the differences.

  • Online jobs ads no longer cutting edge by HCA

    While the decline of print advertisements for jobs has been well documented, industry experts have predicted the beginning of a so-called 'third wave' of recruitment, whereby 'traditional' online job advertisements are losing out in favour of social networks.

  • Google pay hike is ‘short sighted’ by

    Google’s announcement that it is to award a 10 per cent pay rise for its entire global workforce has been criticised for being a “short-term tactic that won’t prevent the Facebook brain-drain” by a leading reward expert.

  • Facebook dismissal ruled unfair by FWA by

    Fair Work Australia has found that a hairdressing salon unfairly dismissed an employee after she posted negative comments about her employer on Facebook.

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