Facebook news

  • Obscene Facebook photos and workplace consequences by Stephanie Zillman

    How would your workplace respond to an employee posting obscene, offensive or plainly inappropriate content on Facebook? In the wake of a scandal in the US, it’s high-time to consider.

  • Pinteresting news for recruiters by Rose Sneyd

    Pinterest is now the third most popular social media network, behind Facebook and Tumblr – are Aussie businesses leveraging Pinterest for recruitment?

  • Time to take a lunch break by Miriam Bell

    Most employees eat lunch at their desks, but a new article warns that not taking a proper break during the working day comes with high risks.

  • HR technology in the new workplace by External

    Richard Watson outlines how technology can improve business outcomes in a time-poor and rapidly changing world.

  • Four nuggets of social recruiting knowledge by HCA

    At some point, every company needs to consider the recruitment process. How they achieve a connection with the right applicant goes beyond traditional methods to being known to each individual network organically.

  • Smartphone addicted staff interrupted every 3 minutes by Stephanie Zillman

    Forget smoke breaks – it is text messaging and smartphones causing the biggest disruptions to work flow in Australian organisations.

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