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  • Car industry job losses: It will affect us all by Cameron Edmond

    The recent crisis culling the automotive industry could cost Australians thousands of jobs, FAPM warns.

  • New social network asks “Why?” by Cameron Edmond

    A new player in the social networking field thinks it has the answer to reconciling the party of Facebook and the professionalism of LinkedIn.

  • The (r)evolution of management by External

    After a century of trying to control people, processes and information, we have come to a point in organisational history where we need to recognise that what worked before just simply isn’t enough anymore. Therese S. Kinal provides clues as to the way forward.

  • Definition madness! by HCA

    Keep work paralysis at bay with these crazy definitions.

  • Recruiting and engaging Gen Y by

    The common perception of Gen Y is that they are lazy, apathetic, demanding, high expectations. But is this really the case?

  • Employee woes at Facebook by Cameron Edmond

    Compared to some places, Facebook seems like a good place to work. However, employees recently took to the internet to say why you can have too much of a good thing.

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