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  • How do you attract talent? by External

    Talented and savvy potential candidates will seek all avenues to assess whether key corporate messages correlate with their personal values and professional aspirations. Fiorella Kresevic of EI Group outlines the crucial attraction phase of recruitment in the social age.

  • Part-timers terrorising businesses by Tammy Buckley

    Mischievous part-time staffers have started a new trend by posting photos of their inappropriate work antics on social media sites, much to the chagrin of their employers.

  • Tips for dealing with death in the workplace by Tammy Buckley

    Technology advancements means HR may no longer be the one to advise an employee of a death, so what can you do to manage the bereavement process?

  • Epic fail: Is that really your LinkedIn profile photo? by Iain Hopkins

    Once upon a time resumes rarely, if ever, contained a photo of the candidate. Now things are different. Here's a list of what not to do with your LinkedIn profile photo...

  • Facebook addiction? We’ll shock you out of it by Tammy Buckley

    A study has suggested Facebook and Twitter are more addictive than cigarettes and alcohol. Enter the 'Pavlov Poke', a 'shocking' aversion therapy device.

  • What are the best companies for leadership? by Cameron Edmond

    Curious to see who made the list and how they got there?

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