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  • HR leadership at Deloitte by HCA

    Great companies consist of great people. The core focus of HR is to safeguard this valuable resource through effective recruitment, retention and a leadership strategy that aligns with the overall business strategy.

  • National HR Summit to shine spotlight on HR influence by HCA

    Registrations are now open for the 11th annual National HR Summit, returning to Sydney on 10-11th April 2013.

  • Injecting a little maturity to boost your bottom line by HCA

    The 45-54 age bracket is the fastest growing labour market segment in Australia today, yet employers are still reluctant to actively recruit from this talent pool. Heidi Holmes asks what's going on.

  • Sustaining through succession by

    A solid portion of Australia’s legal profession will soon retire, but are law firms ready to engage the next generation? Briana Everett reports

  • Taking responsibility – HR’s role in CSR by

    There are clear business benefits to be had through a sound corporate social responsibility program. Tom Washington reports on what makes such schemes successful and the role HR must play

  • Skills shortages loom large as a risk to growth by

    The global credit crunch was merely a blip on the radar compared to the severe implications of a skills shortage to Australian businesses.

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