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  • National HR Summit to shine spotlight on HR influence by HCA

    Registrations are now open for the 11th annual National HR Summit, returning to Sydney on 10-11th April 2013.

  • Injecting a little maturity to boost your bottom line by HCA

    The 45-54 age bracket is the fastest growing labour market segment in Australia today, yet employers are still reluctant to actively recruit from this talent pool. Heidi Holmes asks what's going on.

  • People culture: Diversity lesson for leaders a no-brainer by Human Capital

    There's clear links between a diverse workforce and high performance - it's up to HR to ensure business leaders understand the business benefits of diversity. We speak to Jerry Sadlowski of Deloitte Consulting, Katriina Tahka of Diversity Council Australia and Steve Rowe of IAG for their thoughts on fostering diversity.

  • HR gets analytical by Iain Hopkins

    HR's analytical tools have come a long way from the haphazard insights gleaned from Excel spreadsheets. A new report has suggested that a new era of advanced workforce reporting will transform the HR function.

  • Sustaining through succession by

    A solid portion of Australia’s legal profession will soon retire, but are law firms ready to engage the next generation? Briana Everett reports

  • Taking responsibility – HR’s role in CSR by

    There are clear business benefits to be had through a sound corporate social responsibility program. Tom Washington reports on what makes such schemes successful and the role HR must play

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